Terms and Conditions

1. Payment must be done once the shipment has arrived in our Pasig Warehouse. Modes of payment are Cash on Pick-up (for transactions 20k and below) and Bank Transfer via BDO and BPI.

However, the CLIENT may pay in advance as he/she wishes once the Sales Invoice has been sent by Supcart’s Key Account Representatives.

2. Covered shipping is from SUPCART China to SUPCART Pasig warehouse.

3. Documentation, Taxes, and Duties are included in the offered importation costing.

4. Pick-up of shipments will be in SUPCART Pasig Warehouse only.

5. INSURANCE is optional. Insurance fees are 2% of the declared value of the goods. If insurance is availed, any natural disasters occur such as cargo ship sunken, plane crash, lightning struck on the plane or ship causing fire, the company will be liable for 100% of the declared value of the said goods.

6. FREE Seven (7) days of warehouse storage in Pasig. Any extension will be charged Php 300.00 x per CBM x per day.

7. TRANSIT TIME. Average ranging days of freight transit, unless a result of force majeure has prevented or delayed the freightage.  

  • Sea Freight – 20 to 30 days estimated arrival
  • Air Freight – 3 to 5 days estimated arrival

8. Supcart Philippines’ average transit time is 30 days through sea shipping including the Customs procedure, whereas we are not accountable for the delays caused and act by force majeure events of which we are not in control such as but not limited to COVID-19. As we are in the middle of the pandemic situation, we advise to execute importation plans ahead to avoid further haste in the future.

9. We highly suggest communicating to your supplier the packaging security of your cargo to guarantee its safety while transporting. Photos of cargos must be sent to our Facebook page or existing Messenger/Viber Group Chats before delivering it to our China warehouse/s. 

For normal items, the box packaging must be stable in undertaking a long transport process.

For sensitive items, each must be covered in bubble wrap, and the whole boxes must be in wood crates with FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE signs.

10. Supcart Philippines will not be liable or accountable for any damages, loss, delays, and failure to deliver caused by a third-party entity that is beyond our control.

11. Supcart Philippines will not be liable or accountable for any damages to the items that may occur in force majeure, natural disasters, and unforeseen events during the transportation process. 

12. By availing of our services, it signifies that you have acknowledged and understood the imminent risk that arises during the transportation process. 

13. Unclaimed packages within fifteen (15) days from arrival to Supcart’s Pasig warehouse shall be forfeited in favor of Supcart Philippines. Unless the CLIENT is willing to pay for the storage fees, the packages will not be forfeited as what has been arranged in a special agreement between both parties.

14. Importation price quotations given to Clients are valid for fifteen (15) days only upon being received by the CLIENT.

15. Any importation quotation is for initial reference only and subject to change based on actual package measurement or gross weight. Importation fee will be based on whichever is higher between volumetric and gross weight computation.

Our Services


Supcart helps businesses and entrepreneurs to transfer their raw materials and items from China to the Philippines. It becomes easier on their end as we are the ones who process all the transit flow and the necessary documents. We are currently receiving one hundred twenty (120) container trucks for sea freight and thirty (30) tons of air cargo a month, full of imported cargos and items. With the flexible and diverse industries the businesses have, we cater two (2) freight options available for our clients’ importation needs.

Product Sourcing and Supply

Air cargo is our fastest way of freight forwarding. The shipment only takes 2 to 5 days estimated time of arrival. This service is most valuable to businesses with high regard for time efficiency. Our China warehouse in Guangzhou is receiving items and cargo daily. It will all ship through air freight to our Pasig Warehouse. Each good is calculated through its kilogram to determine the specific rates stated to the clients. Starting from that, we’ll carry out the process of transportation from China to our warehouses here in the Philippines. As it arrives, it’s now ready to be delivered to our Client’s front door!

Fulfillment and warehousing

One of our clients' dilemmas is their storage spacing. As their partner in this business journey, we solved their problem! We cater warehousing for business entities in which we store and manage inventory of their items and boxes. Aside from that, our clients do not need to deal with their own customers’ orders as we fulfill it for them. We prepare the items from sourcing the items, shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, packaging or sorting, dispatching, until the delivery.

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